Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Update


Another uneventful day at the office, but I thanks to a good friend, we secured tickets to two VT games! Watched The Great Debaters with the wife and went to bed early. Excellent movie, btw.


Up early to pull two large trash bags worth of weeds out of the flower beds. Washed the truck then off to go shopping. Home just in time to watch the Hokie game. Ate a quick bite then off to play poker with some friends. Up way too late watching the little lady try and win me some money.


Overslept due to poker. Cleaned the house. Off to Blockbuster and Sam's Club (my favorite place in the west end) to buy lots and lots of food. Ran out to Stony Point because it was Phoebe's birthday and we've become 'those people' that treat their dogs like children. Spent an hour walking around the mall with our spoiled little yuppy dog. She didn't want people to touch her, but wanted to sniff everyone...and she refused to drink water out of the bowls (it's a dog friendly mall) instead drank straight from the faucet after I turned it on. And yes we bought her a little doggie cake from Three Dog Bakery. Cut the grass and then watched Miss Pettigrew.

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