Friday, July 18, 2008

Welcome to our new backyard

It's finally done!! Sure, there's plants to put in, some more mulch that needs to go around the existing flower beds, but for the most part, the patio and pond are complete. So it took a little longer then expected but at least I didn't go over my budget : ) (Tip: Always, ALWAYS, way over estimate on EVERYTHING on ANY project. Trust me, your wife will be far more forgiving if it takes you two months longer to get the job done, as long as you didn't spend too much money!!!)

Even better is that George W.'s check was deposited yesterday in our account. At least he got one thing timed correctly : )

Here's some pics...

You'll note that we had so much extra stone left that I made a little bench next to the pond and a stepping stone path that leads to our driveway. Fun little additions that didn't cost anything!! We've still got plenty of time left this summer for some cookouts...and even more exciting is when the weather gets a little cooler we can make smores on the fire pit : )

I have sworn off HGTV for a little while. Those fools make everything look so easy and only takes them two days. LIARS!

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Jaclyn said...

Beautiful job, Mike!