Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Update


Strange day at the office, came home to a large group of male engineers playing Wii
and drinking beer. Good times insued.


Went to see The Dark Knight with the wife. We're so old and lame now that we went to the 12:30pm showing. Worth every penny to see it in the theater...and see the older Indian woman (complete with a sari) yelling to find her the middle of the movie.


Wife had to go into work, so I skipped church and went house hunting in Goochland. Found lots of really nice houses that I cannot afford. Then off to Lowes to get a fun new plant for the patio. Played with Robb at the Mac store. Ended up at some random older guys place with lots of gin and tonics. Will never ever again let Carter talk us into a surprise.

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Jaclyn said...

We are going to have to have a talk about all this "skipping" church. What gives these days?