Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Update

So I'm totally stealing this idea from other bloggers, but they should be flattered. A good idea should be passed around, right?

Long day at the office followed by lots of yummy things from the grill. Spend some time hanging out with the wife on the patio until the bugs got too much for her.

Phoebe slept in until 8 (typically around 6:30 she's bouncing off my side of the bed licking my head or burrowing under a hand). Did some cleaning, helped my wife clean the floormats to her brand new car due to an ugly incident with a dirty umbrella and tan carpet. Picked up some top soil for my herb garden then proceeded to melt in the Richmond heat while getting way too much dirt out of my poor lil truck. Tasty Thai food for dinner (along with the best drinks in town) then watched Jumper.

Skipped Church. I know, we're heathens. Pulled weeds and cleaned up the yard. Helped a friend move furniture and get her house in order. Ate too much Outback and went to bed too late.

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