Friday, July 25, 2008

Car Dealers

Why is it so hard to find a decent car dealer in the Richmond area? We have three cars, each a different make so on the rare occassion I have to deal with a dealer it's a pain in the tail...and in fact we have not purchased a car in Richmond (well Colonial Heights, but that's a 40 minute drive). I do all of the routine maintence on our cars...I know how to and it's relaxing to spend a couple hours a month in the garage getting dirty.

The latest to add to my hit list is the local Acura dealer. I should have known better then to call them after they tried to give a ridiculous offer on my wifes new car (which we saved $1500 by driving two hours north!). So she stained the floormat. Black spots on tan floor mats don't look so hot on your brand new car. So I ordered some all weather mats for her. Found a great Acura dealer on Ebay (right, I know, of all places). Saved $40. I asked new friend how much the dealer pays for the mats. Half the amount the local dealer was going to sell them to me. I'm all for people making a buck, but come on. Humm, how quickly I have forgotten about how the local dealer gave me free touch up paint a few months back...opps :-)

The local Honda dealer. Oh gosh, where to start with them. Let's just say the service department has me blacklisted :-) Who knew that calling American Honda directly and reporting the problem and the dealer to the NHTSA would put the service managers panties so wound up. Well, if that didn't put her over the edge, getting Honda Corp to pay for the faulty part and making the dealer do the work for free really got a bug up you know where. Only downside to the $600 savings is now I have to drive 40 minutes to have my car serviced.

Okay, I'm done ranting. Happy Friday internets.

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