Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Update

I was greeted this morning with fuzzy cloud of sleepiness. So bear with me as the Starbucks kicks in. Yes, Starbucks. It was necessary.

Made yummy dinner from leftovers. Then we tried to watch The Heartbreak Kid and was quickly reminded why we don't watch Ben Stiller movies. Is it really necessary to have all the nakedness in a 'comedy' film? And why does Ben always always play the same character in every movie he is in. Spent the rest of the evening feeling dirty and wondering why we even put it on our Blockbuster list.

Up early to let Phoebe pee and play. Cleaned the dogs white-trash style (read: with a hose on the deck) complete with sleeves rolled up on nasty white t-shirt. Good times. Then proceeded to clean the rest of the house to make my lovely wife happy. Then off to Fredicksburg to meet up with our friends Josh and Jen and their adorable little girl. We're still trying to convince them to move to Richmond...and we're not going to give up either Josh! Home to hang out with Emily who is leaving us for LA.

Woke up with a headache and wife had a stomach ache so we didn't make it to church. Took a nap. Then watched Meet the Brown's. Helped a friend fix his wife's car in the thunderstorm. Seriously contemplated the intelligence I possess as I hooked up a car battery outside while thundering and lighting.

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