Monday, May 19, 2008

Random Acts of Corporate Generosity

Two different experiences with two different companies have left me baffled. The first, on Saturday afternoon was at a car dealership...of all places! I stopped by the parts desk to purchase some touch up paint for my wife's new car. I was fully expecting this to set me back a Hamilton and was perfectly content doing so. Until the guy behind the desk handed me the bottle and said that'll take care of ya. I tried to purchase it but he insisted there would be no charge. 'Okay, well thanks, have a great weekend.' The stranger part of the entire scenario was that this was not the dealer we purchased the car from two weeks ago (I was also awkwardly dodging the salesperson who tried to 'give me the best deal').

Then this afternoon, I called Verizon to ask the status of them coming to fix my Fios line that I cut over the weekend (more on that soon). After being on hold a couple of minutes, the nice gentleman comes back on the line and asks if I'm still having trouble because his system is telling him a repair guy has already come out and fixed the line and his computer is able to talk to the odd Verizon box in my garage. Alrighty then. No charge. Huh? I break the line, make you guys come fix it and you'll pick up the tab too? Okay, as if I needed another reason to be in love with you!

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