Monday, May 12, 2008

Big Plans

What to do? I had these ambitious plans to finish up the fish pond (which I've been saying for weeks...darn rain) and get a good head start on the new patio this week. My lovely wife is out of town on business until Friday. But it's raining (again!)...which is a good thing for my grass and flower beds, but bad news for me.

I'm bored. Sure, I could clean the house to impress my wife upon her return. It's only Monday though and I'm sure the dogs and I will make it more messy by the time Friday comes around. I'm becoming more high maintence as I age. After marriage I realized how I need people around. When my wife is out of town, I tend to get sad, bored, just down in general. So I plan out big projects to keep myself entertained, have a sense of accomplishment (I should write a whole post on that topic), and most importantly, out of trouble! Guys, women know everything. Never doubt that!

I may just have to drive her new car around all evening to entertain myself until the sun returns tomorrow :-)

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