Monday, May 19, 2008

Pond Update

More delays in getting the pond finished up. My parents stopped by this past weekend so that my Dad could help me run an electric line out to the retaining wall in our backyard so I could plug in the new fish pond pump. After some debate, it was decided that it would be best if I dug a trench in the yard to bury the line rather then running it through the crawl space (which would have involved giant me in a three foot high crawl space for hours after drilling a hole in the foundation). Turns out that digging a 70' trench is very time consuming and causes sore muscles! Who would have guessed!! Then of course, by the time it was completed, the rain started again! Hopefully one evening this week I will be able to get the entire electric portion of this project complete so I can get back to finishing up these projects!

In case your wondering, the electric line had to be put in now because soon we will start construction of our new patio...which will go over top where the electric line needed to be installed. Pics will some soon.

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