Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Weekend Update...Special Edition

Last weekend started on Wednesday...which is really how I prefer to roll...

Drove the wife's hot new car to Cville so Em could pick me up to start our road trip. Got to Blacksburg and had dinner with my old advisor and her husband...munched on yumminess at The Cellar (which btw the food is still amazing and service disgustingly slow). Packed up the Prius and to bed late.

Up early to sit in the Prius. Drove through Southwest VA...and realized I missed those crazy rednecks down there. Spent 30 minutes looking for a Chick-fil-a in Tennessee because the bill board wasn't clear on the directions and our GPS was old school and hadn't been updated. Drove to Russellville, Arkansas to a pleasantly cheap yet not sketchy motel.

Up early to have more bonding time with the Prius. Fun little lunch in downtown Oklahoma City. Witnessed some crazy rain storms in Northern Texas...seriously...we could tell it was raining a mile before we got into it...and rain drops so large it looked like it was snowing!! Everything really is bigger in Texas. Bored to tears in Eastern New Mexico. Slept in Albuquerque...which seemed like a nice little mountain town

Up early a surprising chill in the air. Why had I assumed that New Mexico would be blazing hot in late August?? Was amazed at a) the beauty of western New Mexico and b) the insanely long trains that we kept seeing over and over...I also had no idea we used trains as much as we do to transport stuff still. Spent the afternoon driving in the Mojave desert...and was incredibly thankful the car didn't leave us there...seriously hour and a half went by without seeing a house, cow, anything alive. Saw some more crazy rain storms, but seemed to skirt around most of them. In Pasadena at 5ish. Unpacked the car at the new place. Dealt with much crying, worried mothers, and drugged up friends.

No sleep. Like sleep. Cranky and hungry...thankfully I packed pop tarts and we found coffee quickly. Off to the craziest experience at a Home Depot...ever. 50 or so hispanics hanging out in the parking lot...assuming they were looking for work? Two preppy white kids in the Prius apparently looked like they needed help. Much cleaning, fixing, hanging curtain rods, etc. Off to the airport to realize I booked my flight home on THE WRONG DAY. Very tired and very frustrated. Had to get picked up at the airport...more on this later.

Up at 3:45am to call Delta to try and get on an early flight. To the airport to catch a 7:45am flight. So tired I was almost in tears. I'm big (6'5") so there was no way I could sleep on the plane. Spent four hours being incredibly uncomfortable...usually I steal leg room from my lovely wife cause she's small and can sleep standing up...but no wife on this trip : ( Banged my head on the STUPID tv screen trying to get off the flight. Turned around to the heckles...which stopped after people realized I could turn this into a fun little domino effect for the ENTIRE PLANE. Caught my connecting flight and was able to score an exit row seat with legroom!! So excited until a large former football player sat next to me. Don't ask who, I don't know. Something about college ball and the Redskins. Two night of no sleep and a sore back left me not giving a rip who was around me as long as they didn't slow down the process of getting back to Richmond. Got back home to a wife who needed attention (not like that!!!). Tried my best to not be cranky and fall asleep while sitting on the couch.

will get pics as soon as i get room in my one small back pack to fit a camera!

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Jaclyn said...

You are NOT knocking the GPS are you? You should give Justin a really hard time about that!!