Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekly Update

Sorry for the lack of updates (for the two stalkers, I mean readers). It's been a crazy week.

Last weekend instead of finishing up the pond and starting on the patio, we bought new furniture for the patio, which has found random places inside the house to reside until it has somewhere outside to go to. Here's a sample pic...

For some odd reason World Market had the set on sale last weekend and informed us they would not be getting any new ones in. Made the decision very easy since my lovely wife had already decided this is what she wanted.

There has been progress made...the electric line is installed outside and just needs to be connected to the breaker box. As a side, Home Depot returned my call today (two and a half weeks after my call to them) to get an estimate to do this work for me. I'm becoming less and less impressed with the big orange box.

I've also the got the waterfall complete on the pond and should have a pic of that this weekend with water and plants in it! We're very much looking forward to the sweet sound of running water in the backyard soon...and the reaction Phoebe will have to it!!Of course my wife already has an idea of what she wants to have in the pond...

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Jaclyn said...

The rats get kicked out but ducks are welcome? :)