Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend Update

Too exhausted this morning to cover any of the other thoughts in my head...

Home from work a little early to pack, clean up the house and drive to Raleigh. Got into town much later then we were expecting. Got to drive this and was amazed at the ridiculousness of it. Too bed late.

Almost died from lack of sleep and humidity induced headache. Drugged myself up real good as to not irritate the in-laws. Much baby playing highlighted by the fact that our neice loves me best ;-) Only know this because she loves to pull on my face and look at me with odd stares (read: she's confused why this giant white creature is holding her and making funny sounds at her). Late birthday lunch for the mother-in-law here...very tasty but not vegetarian friendly.

More baby playing. Drive back to Richmond to drop off the wife, then off to MD for Dad's birthday. Ate too much and forced to get a large Starbuck's to make the trek back to Richmond.

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