Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Getting closer

We're getting very close to having the backyard complete...at least for this year. I spend a few days of our vacation last week hauling more gravel and sand back from the lovely people at the local stone yard. I have to go into some details about the patio and pond because the picture does not do it justice (more pics after I clean up the yard some). In order to put the pond and patio in, my new lil red Tacoma has hauled:

1/2 ton of cement
2 tons of sand
3.5 tons of gravel
3.5 tons of stone

So here it is...

The lights we picked up at Lowes on clearance a few weeks ago just had to go in asap. Overall we're still below the budget we set for this little endevour (thanks George W.!!) and my estimates for how much we saved over hiring a professional to do all of this...well let's just say that I've now justified a large percentage of the cost of my truck : )

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