Friday, July 11, 2008


Not much going on these days. Trying to think of new ways to keep the posting consistent and interesting. More to come on that soon.

We've been having lots of wonderful thunderstorms lately. I love the rain, hate that it drives the puppy completely nuts. One night, she was so exhausted from the previous two nights storms, that she just crawled under our bed and went to sleep. No whining, no panting, nothing. We thought maybe she's been 'cured'. Yesterday a storm managed to scare the poo and pee out of her. Silly dog. I imagine the days of having kids who will wear diapers and not have to clean their poo off the carpet. Last night, no storms, but the poor little (read: crazy) dog kept looking out the windows wondering when it would storm. Turns out in her head the washing machine running means a storm is eminent.

The rain also has meant that progress on the backyard has come to a hault. Pleasant weather tomorrow should help get a few more things completed off the list. I may even get around to posting some more pics of what our backyard is transforming into.

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